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  1. Database default locations


    September 29, 2014 by Kenneth Fisher

    One of the options you had when installing your instance was setting some default file locations. Defaut data file location …
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  2. Changing configuration settings with sp_configure


    September 22, 2014 by Kenneth Fisher

    I was recently asked where to go in Configuration Manager to change the settings for xp_cmdshell. It was then that …
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  3. What are trace flags?

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    September 11, 2014 by Kenneth Fisher

    Trace flags are one of those things that I’ve heard about more and more over the last five or six …
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  4. Pausing an MSSQL Instance


    September 4, 2014 by Kenneth Fisher

    I’m sure most of you have looked at the control options of the SQL services right? Start an instance, stop …
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  5. Default nullability of a new column

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    March 31, 2014 by Kenneth Fisher

    Ever assume that when you don’t specify NULL or NOT NULL on a new column it’s going to allow NULLs? …
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  6. Connection options in SSMS

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    November 18, 2013 by Kenneth Fisher

    When connecting to a SQL Server instance in SSMS there are a fair number of options. Most DBAs I know …
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  7. How do the fixed Database and Server roles map to more specific permissions?

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    September 9, 2013 by Kenneth Fisher

    I recently asked what the difference is between granting SELECT to a user (at a database level) and adding the …
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  8. Amusing SQL Trick – Hide yourself from SQL Server

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    July 17, 2013 by Kenneth Fisher

    I make a point of reading DBAReactions on a fairly regular basis and today while reading it I was lead …
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  9. What port is my instance listening on?


    January 8, 2013 by Kenneth Fisher

    I just had the interesting task of finding the port number that one of the instances I deal with is …
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  10. I can connect to my instance locally but not remotely

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    October 23, 2012 by Kenneth Fisher

    Every now and again (today for example) I’ll get a call that one of our SQL Server instances is down.  …
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