Free Scripts


Here is a list of some of the most popular (and useful) free scripts and queries I’ve seen around the interweb. There are lot’s more and I’ll be adding them as I’m reminded of them.

Brent Ozar Unlimited

These guys seem to be putting out a script a week these days but they are still some of the highest quality and amazingly useful.  They are now open sourced!

  • sp_Blitz A general health check of your instance.
  • sp_BlitzIndex All you ever wanted to know about your indexes.
  • sp_BlitzFirst Troubleshoot your slow server.
  • There are probably a dozen of them now.  You can go to the GITHUB page above to see the list!


Adam Machanic


  • sp_WhoIsActive Want to know who working on your instance at the moment? This is it.



Midnight DBAs


  • Minionware The Midnight DBAs are producing an ever expanding set of DBA tools that are truly amazing. These tools are simple to install and configure but are extremely versatile. And best of all free! But be forewarned, they really like documentation. Hour after hour of video and hundreds of pages of documentation are available (so far).Thus far they have:
    • Minion Reindex
    • Minion Backup
    • Minion Enterprise – This one isn’t free but I’ll mention it anyway because it’s part of the set.
    • Minion CHECKDB – Coming soon



Ola Hallengren




Paul Randal




Dave Wentzel




Richie Rump


  • Statistics Parser This is a nice web based parser for the output of STATISTICS IO and STATISTICS TIME.
  • SQL Generator Another great web tool from Richie, this one will help you build your PIVOT query for you. And if PIVOTs aren’t something that come naturally to you (they don’t for me) this can really save your bacon.



Paul Brewer


  • sp_RestoreScriptGenie This is a very nice restore script generator. There is a T-SQL version and a PoSH version.
    Note: It pulls the data from msdb so may not work in a DR situation.



Daniel Mellor




Wayne Sheffield

  • Shred the deadlock graph! – If you have to deal with deadlocks this script is a must.  It shreds the graph into a table and can take inputs from a trace file, deadlock file, the system_health XE file target, a SQL Sentry deadlock collection or even the ring buffer.


SQL Professionals











3 thoughts on “Free Scripts

  1. mark says:

    Under Categories i was wondering why you don’t have a PowerShell category?

  2. […] Berry’s DMV Queries (I know there not procs, but i use them al lthe time so had to add um! sqlstudent’s handy Permissions stored procs sp_WhoIsActive Adam Machanic beasty upgrade to sp_who Jason Strates Index Analysis Kimberly Tripps […]

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