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  1. SQL Homework – July 2021 – Log shipping

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    July 1, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

    Log shipping is probably the least complicated and easiest to configure of the various methods of creating a secondary copy …
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  2. SQL Homework – April 2020 – Continuity planning.


    April 1, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    Normally for April 1st I’d try to post something a bit more lighthearted but with the state of the world …
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  3. Help! My restore has finished but the database still has a status of recovering.

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    January 8, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    I’ve been thinking about writing this for a bit and then a co-worker actually had this problem recently, so, well, …
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  4. DBA Myths: Can a differential backup get bigger than the full backup?


    February 14, 2019 by Kenneth Fisher

    The thing about DBA Myths is that they are generally widespread and widely believed. At least I believed this one …
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  5. What’s a differential backup?


    January 23, 2019 by Kenneth Fisher

    Of the different basic types of backups (full, differential and log) I find the differential the most interesting, and frequently …
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  6. Moving SSISDB is not as easy as it sounds

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    December 10, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    We’ve been doing a lot of upgrading recently and at one point had to move an instance from one 2016 …
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  7. My backup script (where, how, how big, etc.)


    November 26, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    A while back I wrote about how to find where your backups are. And I’ve also written about I use …
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  8. SQL Homework – September 2018 – Backup and Restore continued.

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    September 3, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    In the very first SQL Homework post you were asked to take a backup. In fact it asked you to …
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    July 18, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    Recently someone mentioned the LOADHISTORY option of RESTORE. It’s not horribly hard to find in BOL but it wasn’t the …
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  10. SQL Homework – March 2018 – Recovery Objectives


    March 5, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    My very first SQL Homework post was about taking a backup. The vast majority of people who work with databases …
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