Monthly Archives: February 2016

  1. Blogger questions: How often should I blog?


    February 29, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    What with the #sqlnewblogger effort we’ve been seeing a lot of new bloggers (and some old ones starting up again) …
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  2. Powershell script to create multiple SQL Server Connections


    February 24, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    As with most of these types of things, I had a need. I want to show how using sys.dm_exec_[requests/sessions/connections] is …
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  3. You are not logged on as the database owner or system administrator.

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    February 22, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    I had one of my developers ask me why he keeps seeing the following warning when he tries to modify …
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  4. Take caution when altering a column using TSQL


    February 17, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    When developing in SQL Server you are eventually going to have to modify a column or two (at least). And …
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  5. varchar(1) VS char(1)


    February 15, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    The other day I made a somewhat flip coment on twitter. (I know, everyone is shocked right?) varchar(1) Really? It’s …
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  6. Changing to simple recovery to clear the log.


    February 10, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    Clearing out a full transaction log is a common problem. A quick search will find you dozens of forum entries …
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  7. Impersonation can give you the wrong answer


    February 8, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    I use impersonation all the time to let me see additional permissions information I can only get that way and, …
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  8. Blogger questions: What if someone else wrote about the same subject?


    February 3, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    I have a moderately popular blog. In part because I syndicate but largely (in my opinion) because I write a …
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  9. Running code on the startup of SQL Server


    February 1, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    Every now and again you need to run code when your instance starts up. For example you might want to …
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