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  1. Data jokes


    November 23, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

    I’m feeling a bit uninspired this week, and I plan on only doing one post this week, so I figured …
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  2. Quiz & answers for my “Auditing your data and data access” session.


    November 16, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

    I was honored to speak at Pass Summit last week (Thanks again Redgate), and if you’ve ever been to one …
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  3. A DBA horror story in database file extensions.


    September 30, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

  4. HAL0004 – I don’t feel well Dave


    June 29, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    It’s another HAL! Every once in a while (4 times now) I come up with a terrible terrible idea for …
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  5. Be warned: The way I’m feeling right now I might actually give you sysadmin when you ask for it.


    April 20, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    You want sysadmin permissions in production? And your manager has approved it so I shouldn’t have any problems giving it …
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  6. DBA, a job, a vital job


    February 26, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    DBA, a job, a vital job. T-SQL a language that is fun. Select, a query to get some data. From, …
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  7. Bad Idea Cowboy Hat: BEGIN TRANSACTION; GO 1000;

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    November 27, 2019 by Kenneth Fisher

    One of my favorite presentations is Revenge the SQL by Rob Volk (blog|twitter). It’s a demonstration of a lot of …
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  8. See SQL Run 2


    September 30, 2019 by Kenneth Fisher

    Note: I am perfectly aware of my ability as an artist so let the ribbing begin 🙂

  9. Header Query Crossword

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    July 31, 2019 by Kenneth Fisher

    I did an interesting form of crossword recently and since I haven’t done one in a while I figured this …
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  10. How was it done back in the day? T-SQL Tuesday #114


    May 14, 2019 by Kenneth Fisher

    It’s TSQL Tuesday and Matthew McGiffen (b/t) is our host with a subject near and dear to my heart. Puzzles! …
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