Monthly Archives: October 2021

  1. The DBA as a helpdesk.


    October 28, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

    Every one and again you will see people asking What skill do you think is the most important for your …
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  2. #PowershellBasics: Sort a list


    October 26, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

    In my last post I grabbed a file list but I really need it sorted alphabetically. Now, I’ve been a …
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  3. #PowershellBasics: Get a list of files from a directory.


    October 21, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

    I’ve got a project I’m working on at the moment and it includes a number of elements from my recent …
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  4. Commenting a branching IF-THEN-ELSE.


    October 19, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

    I’m a big fan of comments (MSSQL, Powershell), so along those lines here’s an interesting way to comment an IF-THEN-ELSE …
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  5. #PowershellBasics: Adding data to a string using subexpressions.


    October 14, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

    I’m working on a project right now where I want to add the date/time to the end of a filename. …
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  6. Code examples : T-SQL Tuesday #143

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    October 12, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

    It’s TSQL Tuesday! John Armando McCormack (blog|twitter) is our host this month and he’d like us to share some of …
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  7. Dealing with foreign keys when deleting rows.


    October 7, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

    Deleting rows from a table is a pretty simple task right? Not always. Foreign keys, while providing a ton of …
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  8. SQL Homework – October 2021 – What can you tell me about the server your SQL Server instance is on?

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    October 5, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

    Here are some really common questions I get: How many CPUs does ServerA have? How much memory does ServerA have? …
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