Monthly Archives: April 2020

  1. Call to action: What do you own?


    April 29, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    You restored that database, did you remember to change the owner or is it still you? How about that job …
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  2. What is (local)?

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    April 27, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    When connecting to a SQL Server instance sometimes you’ll see (local), localhost or even just a single period (hard to …
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  3. Is there an easy way to tell what pricing tier my Azure SQL DB/DW is using T-SQL?


    April 22, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    I ran into an interesting problem today. I needed to find out the pricing tier of an Azure SQL DB …
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  4. Be warned: The way I’m feeling right now I might actually give you sysadmin when you ask for it.


    April 20, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    You want sysadmin permissions in production? And your manager has approved it so I shouldn’t have any problems giving it …
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  5. What is the datatype SQL_VARIANT


    April 16, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    The SQL_VARIANT data type is an interesting beast. It is a data type that can store most types of data. …
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  6. A culture of testing : T-SQL Tuesday #125


    April 14, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    Happy T-SQL Tuesday again! Number 125. I can’t believe how long this thing has been running. In case you weren’t …
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  7. Has this login been used recently?


    April 8, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    I get asked this every now and again, along with the companion When was the last time this login was …
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  8. #PowershellBasics: Using environment variables ($env:ProgramFiles)


    April 6, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    The other day Kendra Little (blog|twitter) mentioned that she was trying to get a command in Powershell working. Specifically one …
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  9. SQL Homework – April 2020 – Continuity planning.


    April 1, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    Normally for April 1st I’d try to post something a bit more lighthearted but with the state of the world …
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