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  1. Too many coding standards : T-SQL Tuesday #151


    June 14, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

    One of my favorite people, Malathi Mahadevan (blog|twitter), is our host this month and she’d like to talk about coding …
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  2. My job managing a calling list. : T-SQL Tuesday #150


    May 10, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

    I’m actually hosting this month and I was wondering about your first technical job. Mine was kind of interesting. I …
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  3. An increased opportunity. Remote user groups. : T-SQL Tuesday #148

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    March 8, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

    Rie Merritt (blog|twitter) is our host this month for T-SQL Tuesday! She’d like us to give advice on running a …
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  4. Who do you contact before an upgrade? : T-SQL Tuesday #147


    February 9, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

    I haven’t been blogging as much recently as I’d like and I’m trying to get back into it. One excellent …
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  5. Another reason I prefer side-by-side SQL Server instance upgrades.


    June 29, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

    This is a quick non-technical discussion (i.e. not a how to in any way) of some of the benefits of …
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  6. SQL Homework – October 2018 – Time for an upgrade


    October 1, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    When you created your home lab last September you probably installed a version of SQL 2016. Well, SQL 2017 was …
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  7. Dynamically generate the command line DMA statement for each database


    June 21, 2017 by Kenneth Fisher

    If you are upgrading your instance to 2016 (or 2017 soon) then you probably are going to want to run …
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  8. Fixing Data Migration Assistant timeouts


    December 8, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    I’ve been really excited about the new Data Migration Assistant (DMA) since I first heard about it. One of the …
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  9. The new Data Migration Assistant has been released!


    August 31, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    Monday Bob Ward (b/t) announced on twitter that the new Data Migration Assistant had been released. First things first the …
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  10. What is the database property “Compatibility Level”


    July 8, 2015 by Kenneth Fisher

    What is the database property Compatibility Level? I don’t get asked to write about specific subjects very often but in …
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