Monthly Archives: March 2022

  1. Talk to the duck.

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    March 31, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

    Over the years, one of the best pieces of problem solving advice I’ve been able to give my kids is …
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  2. Scripting with a temp stored procedure


    March 17, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

    A few years back I learned about temporary stored procedures from a Kendra Little (blog|twitter) blog post. At the time …
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  3. Shift calculations (or same time every day)


    March 15, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

    One of the more interesting jobs I’ve had over the years was for a company that created emergency room software. …
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  4. Database Code Reviews


    March 10, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

    I’ll be honest, ever since I did a SQL Homework about doing code reviews I’ve wanted to do a blog …
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  5. An increased opportunity. Remote user groups. : T-SQL Tuesday #148

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    March 8, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

    Rie Merritt (blog|twitter) is our host this month for T-SQL Tuesday! She’d like us to give advice on running a …
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  6. Saving your requests


    March 3, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

    The other day a friend of mine mentioned that they were questioned on one of the scripts they ran recently …
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  7. SQL Homework – March 2022 – Formatting

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    March 1, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

    Please write the following on the chalk board 100 times. Queries should be readable!Queries should be readable!Queries should be readable!Queries …
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