Monthly Archives: June 2016

  1. Finding, disabling and enabling foreign keys


    June 29, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    Foreign keys are a classic method of enforcing RI (Referential Integrity). Unfortunately though, they can get in the way if …
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  2. Perfectly Placed Parentheses


    June 27, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    Like many other programming languages T-SQL uses parentheses () for a number of tasks. To help determine precedence, function calls …
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  3. Database snapshots


    June 22, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    This feature is Enterprise only which can limit who it is useful to, but I find the whole concept fascinating. …
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  4. Minimizing Cloud cost


    June 20, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    The cloud can be expensive. I had this hammered home the other day by a simple mistake. I’m currently working …
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  5. Help! My backup file has doubled in size.


    June 16, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    Help! I backed up my database yesterday and the backup file was about 200MB but today it’s closer to 400! …
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  6. Comparing two query plans


    June 14, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    This month my friend Michael J Swart(b/t) would like us to talk about the new 2016 version of SQL Server. …
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  7. Comparing the contents of two tables Redux

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    June 8, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    I did a post the other day on comparing two tables. It was meant as a general overview but I …
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  8. I need help with DBCC


    June 6, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    Many years ago during an interview I was asked to “Name the top 7 DBCC commands that you use.” I …
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  9. Using LEN wrong.


    June 2, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    I was reading someone’s question the other day on StackExchange and while the existing comments/questions solved the OP’s (original poster) …
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