Monthly Archives: September 2018

  1. Data Types Word Search


    September 26, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    Just for fun here is a word search with all of the data types available in SQL Server. Well, two …
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  2. Escaping strings

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    September 24, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    No, I’m not talking about that nightmare everyone has where a bunch of strings are chasing you across a loom. …
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  3. You can’t DELETE TOP (x) with an ORDER BY


    September 19, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    Did you know you can’t do this? Msg 156, Level 15, State 1, Line 8 Incorrect syntax near the keyword …
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  4. How do I grant permissions to view users and their permissions?


    September 17, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    tl;dr; VIEW DEFINITION Every now and again you’ll have a user that needs to be able to see what permissions …
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  5. Using Table Valued Parameters with sp_executesql


    September 13, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    Recently I did a presentation on dynamic SQL. In the presentation I pointed out the similarity of using sp_executesql to …
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  6. What happens in a trigger stays in the transaction: T-SQL Tuesday #106

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    September 11, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    Anything that happens in a trigger happens within the same transaction of the command that called it. Part of me …
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  7. I/O vs Logical I/O

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    September 5, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    tl;dr; While the difference is very important 90% of the time you won’t care and should just add the two …
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  8. SQL Homework – September 2018 – Backup and Restore continued.

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    September 3, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    In the very first SQL Homework post you were asked to take a backup. In fact it asked you to …
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