The Blame Game

It’s Monday morning and your manager Brent has called his usual emergency all-employee meeting. He looks more than a little bit unhappy, and this time it’s not because someone stole his cruller. Over the weekend he was demonstrating the new anatomy program Mr. Body to some investors and frankly the performance was miserable! Now Brent has only one question.

Who killed Mr. Body’s performance?


Below are the files required to play the game. Print them out, cut out the cards and have fun!

The cards

By preference, each of the card files (pdfs) should be printed in color on 8.5″x11″ cardstock. There are blanks of each type of card so if you want you can add your own options. I should point out that the Character Cards has a sheet of blank cards that doesn’t need to be printed out unless you need them.

Character Cards Mistake Cards Location Cards
Character Cards Thumbnail Mistake Cards Thumbnail Location Cards Thumbnail
The instructions

The instructions can be printed on regular letter sized paper.

The board

The board works best printed in color on 11″x17″ paper (again I prefer cardstock).


I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to this. Any number of people gave me suggestions, opinions, etc to this project. In particular, I’d like to thank the following for agreeing to be characters in my game:

  • Brent Ozar (b/t)
  • Andy Mallon (b/t) – Andy also provided a LOT of input along the way.
  • Jeff Rush (b/t)
  • Ginger Grant (b/t)
  • Monica Rathbun (b/t)
  • Kendra Little (b/t) – Kendra also provided a lot of input and provided the amazing artwork for the mistakes (in case it wasn’t completely obvious).
  • Buck Woody (b/t)
  • Sticky McStickface – I’d particularly like to thank Sticky because he is a very private person and doesn’t normally do things like this.

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