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  1. SQL Homework – January 2020 – Create an End of Year/New Year checklist.

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    January 5, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

    It’s a brand new year and hopefully it will be better than last year. While that may be particularly true …
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  2. SQL Homework – November 2020 – Help!

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    November 3, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    If you ask any senior IT person What is the most important tool you have? there is a decent chance that …
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  3. SQL Homework – February 2020 – Write a blog post.


    February 3, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    Following along with last month’s documentation homework this month I want you to write a blog post. But Ken, what …
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  4. SQL Homework – January 2020 – Document, document, document


    January 1, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    Happy New Year! It being New Year’s, at least by the Gregorian calendar, I thought we could make this month’s …
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  5. Want to be more comfortable with the Extended Events Viewer?

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    October 23, 2019 by Kenneth Fisher

    I’ll admit, I’m a lot more comfortable with tracing and the profiler than I am with EE (extended events) and …
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  6. #PowershellBasics: Get-Help -Online

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    October 21, 2019 by Kenneth Fisher

    One of the other things I learned from the Powershell class I’m taking this week is that there is an …
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  7. Hugo’s SQL Server Execution Plan Reference

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    March 18, 2019 by Kenneth Fisher

    I’m a big fan of T-SQL Tuesday. Each month there is a host who comes up with a topic, and …
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  8. Zombie SQL


    October 31, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    It Halloween so time for a scary SQL story. Ok, maybe not that scary. Ok, not scary at all, but …
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  9. Processes can dramatically improve your work until they don’t.

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    July 23, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    As always with something like this, I like to start with a definition so we are all starting in the …
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  10. Code I’d Hate To Live Without: T-SQL Tuesday #104


    July 10, 2018 by Kenneth Fisher

    It’s TSQL Tuesday again! This time our respected host is Bert Wagner (b/t). Quick aside, if you haven’t seen his …
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