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  1. A quick fix for a full identity column.

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    September 21, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    A while back I wrote a post on everything I knew about identity columns. In it I mentioned the following: …
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  2. Using an ORDER BY in a view


    September 19, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    For many years it’s been a best practice to never put an ORDER BY in a view. The idea is …
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  3. Emojis in SQL Server


    September 15, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    I blame Aaron Bertrand (b/t) and Kevin Kline (b/t). Aaron who posted a great #BackToBasics blog about naming stored procedures …
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  4. SA Spoof


    September 8, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    This is nothing new but it’s still a fun idea. The problem: The vendor app we just purchased (and are …
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  5. Accidental DBAs, the Developer Edition

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    September 6, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    I recently spoke at the OKC SQL Saturday. I had an wonderful time and the organizers, volunteers and other speakers …
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  6. The new Data Migration Assistant has been released!


    August 31, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    Monday Bob Ward (b/t) announced on twitter that the new Data Migration Assistant had been released. First things first the …
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  7. Natural vs Artificial Primary Keys


    August 29, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    There has been a long standing debate over the use of a natural primary key vs an artificial one. I …
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  8. RBAR vs Batch


    August 17, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    Many years ago Jeff Moden (of SQL Server Central fame) came up with the concept of RBAR. Row-By-Agonizing-Row. At it’s …
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  9. Write-Only permissions


    August 11, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    Yep, that’s right, you heard me. Write-Only not Read-Only. I was presenting SQL Server Security Basics at NTSSUG the other …
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  10. What’s the difference between LEFT and RIGHT OUTER JOINs?

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    August 3, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    A DBA walked into a bar, saw a couple of tables, and asked “Can I JOIN you?” There are several …
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