Quiz & answers for my “Auditing your data and data access” session.


November 16, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

I was honored to speak at Pass Summit last week (Thanks again Redgate), and if you’ve ever been to one of my sessions you’ll know there is always a “quiz” at the end. I.e. a crossword puzzle. Well .. here is the puzzle itself, and attached (at the bottom) is the answer key.

3. What type of trigger can keep a sysadmin out of the instance?
6. CreatedDate and CreatedBy
8. A default value for a column is a type of?
10. Where is Successful and Failed login Auditing written?
11. Collecting a lot of information over time affects:
12. Audits frequently require.
13. Place to collect deleted rows.
14. Tool that uses a subset of Extended Events events.
1. Ongoing work.
2. GUI for SQL Trace.
4. Tool to collect event information about Availability Groups.
5. What type of trigger can collect information about a schema change?
7. Data about data.
9. Collecting a lot of information at once affects:
10. Deprecated tool to collect event information.

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