SQL Homework – July 2021 – Log shipping

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July 1, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

Log shipping is probably the least complicated and easiest to configure of the various methods of creating a secondary copy of your database.

Here’s a basic overview of the process.

  • Take a full backup of the primary database.
  • Restore the database in the secondary location, leaving it in either recovering or standby mode.
  • Take log backups of the primary database.
  • Copy those log files to the server the secondary instance is on.
  • Restore the log files to the secondary continuing to leave it in recovering or standby.

So first a few questions for you to either answer or research:

  • Can I leave the secondary in a readable state? If so how?
  • If the secondary is left in a readable state is it always readable? If not when is it not readable?
  • What are some drawbacks to this method vs say Mirroring or Availability Groups?
  • What are some benefits?
  • Think about how you might set this up manually, at least in a general sense.

Now I want you to try this:

  • Pick a database and open the log shipping properties. (5 pts)
  • Add a secondary. (5 pts)
  • Review options on each of the tabs. (15 pts)
  • Configure the Initialize Secondary Database tab. (15 pts)
  • Configure the Copy Files tab. (15 pts)
  • Configure the Restore Transaction Log tab. (15 pts)
  • Review the jobs created. (15 pts)

As an example of what you might see here is a real world set of requirements I had recently.

  • There will be a full restore once a week, Sunday night/Monday morning. This will be handled by a different process.
  • A backups (full, differential, and log) are handled by a separate process.
  • The secondary is on the same server as the primary.
  • The log restores should only happen once a day at 2am.

For the remaining 15 points configure a log shipping solution with those requirements.

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