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March 19, 2014 by Kenneth Fisher

I won’t be able to make it to the PASS Summit this year but I still consider myself part of the community. The #sqlfamily. I was reading an interesting twitter conversation this morning about submissions for speaking slots at the Summit, and rejection and what it means to those who make the submissions, and it started me thinking. Over the last few days I’ve gotten a glimpse into the world of the people preparing these submissions. I’ve only ever written two myself and those to a SQL Saturday. And yes it was hard and yes I was on pins and needles waiting for a response and yes I was rejected. It was my first try so I’m not terribly surprised. How much harder is the work, the wait and the rejection when you submit to PASS Summit? When you know your work is good, but is it good enough? From what I see on twitter even common speakers such as Grant Fritchey, Gail Shaw and others feel it too.

All of this made me realize something. I wanted to say thank you.

Thank you to those who work so hard to make this a better community. Thank you to those who help out others who need it (myself included). Thank you to those who submitted let alone those who will be accepted. Thank you to those who spend hours and days going through all of the submissions only to be asked “Why didn’t you pick mine?”. To the organizers and the workers and the sponsors of all the great events that we get to go to. Thank you.

To the community at large and in general.

Thank you.

Oh and on a side note (and while I’m at it) thanks to everyone who is reading this and to wordpress for hosting it.

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