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2 thoughts on “tempdbRestart3

  1. kiki says:

    Hi I have sql instance which the drive with all transaction log files (except for master, model, msdb’s) been permanently removed. I could start up instance with -f -T3608 , and connect with SQLCMD.
    it woeks upto use master,
    but when I issue alter database to move temdb log file to the new location it return nothing, and on the other console it show “cannot find the path “old path’ message at the time when I issued alter database statement.
    I am wondering if SQL server is looking for old file in order to move to the new location..
    is there any way to save this instance?

  2. Your biggest concern is the log files of the user databases. It’s possible to re-construct them .. if you are lucky. If you have lost the log files from your user databases you may be best just restoring everything from backup if you have reasonable backups.

    I’m not sure why you are having the tempdb issue but you could always map a drive to match the drive tempdb was on, and create the path where it was. Then you re-start SQL and move stuff at that point.

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