#PowershellBasics: Get-Help -Online

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October 21, 2019 by Kenneth Fisher

One of the other things I learned from the Powershell class I’m taking this week is that there is an -Online option for Get-Help. It literally just takes you to the BOL entry for that command. Which can be super super helpful at times. It’s the same information (for the most part) that you’ll get in the normal Get-Help or with the -ShowWindow option but with the added option of changing version (important with PoSH) and seeing comments others may have made. It doesn’t work for everything you’ll get out of Get-Help (the about_ objects for example) but it hits most of it. Here’s how I got the BOL entry for Get-Help for the link above.

Get-Help -Name Get-Help -Online

  1. BOL Entry for Get-Help
  2. Change the Powershell version to see the help for older/newer versions.
  3. Various sections of the BOL article.
  4. The Syntax for the command.

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