My journey with hybrid technologies. Where it started, how it’s going, and where it ends. : T-SQL Tuesday #139

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June 8, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

One of my favorite people is hosting TSQL Tuesday this month. Ben Weissman (blog|twitter). He wants us to talk about our journey through hybrid and the edge.

I’m going to be a bit generic here and talk about all forms of learning, not just dealing with the cloud and hybrid. I’m also going to do this several different ways.


My handle sqlstudent144 started fairly early in my life. When I was in college it hit me that I wanted to be the type of person who would always be learning. The type of person where the journey is as or more important than the end, and the type of person who would always be growing. So I started going by student. Sql was added when I started working with MS SQL and 144 when I met my wife who’s maiden name is Gross.

An image

A journey can start anywhere, and in fact everyone’s journey starts in different places. Every second of every day is a new journey.


  • All journeys start with a single step.
  • Every step is the beginning of a journey.
  • It doesn’t stop until the end.

An Explanation

Where is the start when you are working with hybrid technology? I mean technically hybrid includes on-premises. I started that decades ago. It also includes the cloud. I started that journey a couple of years ago. So where exactly did my journey with hybrid start? Well; as with all journey’s it started at the beginning. For convenience let’s talk about this as the cloud. I started by viewing on-line sessions about aspects of Azure. I blogged about it a bit, practiced some, took more on-line sessions, blogged more, practiced more, etc. Then even got to do some of it at work. Work said “We are moving to AWS.” I’ll be honest, I’ve been a bit more resistant to AWS but even so. On-line classes, some work, some more on-line classes etc.

It hasn’t been easy since the cloud covers a vast amount of information and disciplines. Most of which are way outside my wheelhouse and things that I don’t get to play with at work. But I’m moving forward. Slowly. I’ll admit I haven’t done much with the cloud in a while. But guess what? Today is a new day. So is tomorrow, and the day after. Until there isn’t a day after. (Yes, a bit morbid but hey, mortality is something I’m more interested in these days.)

Some advice

Everyone moves at different paces through life. Each journey, each discipline, each aspect of who you are will move differently. Also we all start in different places. That means everyone is all over the map. And That’s Ok! Do your best, be happy with who you are, maybe help those who’s journey intersects with yours, and realize that you are fantastic at every step of your personal journey.

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