Blank Dice

While making my DBA dice I made blank versions first. I thought they could be useful in case someone want’s to print them out and write down something on each side and then put them together to make custom dice.

Instructions: Follow the link on each image for the full-size image that you can then save and print. I’ve found these work best if you print all of them in letter size except the D12, and print it on legal sized paper. That makes them about the size of my palm. You could, of course, print them smaller. It just makes them more difficult to cut out and glue. Also if you check the “fit to page” it tends to cut off the top and bottom of the page. Last but not least I found paper easier to cut and paste but card stock looked and felt better/sturdier once I was done.

Special thanks to Bruno Van de Casteele who created the original paper dice. If you want actual dice his look really cool.

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