5 thoughts on “sp_SrvPermissions

  1. brenda grossnickle says:

    The second result set does not have column alias names for Drop_Script, Add_Script. They are shown as (No column Name).

    • brenda grossnickle says:
      -- Server level roles
      SET @sql = 
          N'SELECT Logins.name AS UserName, Roles.name AS RoleName, ' + NCHAR(13) + 
          N'   ''EXEC sp_dropsrvrolemember @loginame = ''+QUOTENAME(Logins.name' + @Collation + 
                  ','''''''')+'', @rolename = ''+QUOTENAME(Roles.name' + @Collation + 
                  ','''''''') + '';'' AS Drop_Script, ' + NCHAR(13) + 
          N'   ''EXEC sp_addsrvrolemember @loginame = ''+QUOTENAME(Logins.name' + @Collation + 
                  ','''''''')+'', @rolename = ''+QUOTENAME(Roles.name' + @Collation + 
                  ','''''''') + '';''  AS Add_Script' + NCHAR(13) + 
          N'FROM sys.server_role_members RoleMembers ' + NCHAR(13) + 
          N'JOIN sys.server_principals Logins ' + NCHAR(13) + 
          N'   ON RoleMembers.member_principal_id = Logins.principal_id ' + NCHAR(13) + 
          N'JOIN sys.server_principals Roles ' + NCHAR(13) + 
          N'   ON RoleMembers.role_principal_id = Roles.principal_id ' + NCHAR(13) + 
          N'WHERE 1=1 '
  2. Bahti Samet Coban says:

    First of all, thanks for this amazing script and sharing with us.
    I found your script while I was trying to build the same query and got stuck at one point. I realised I couldn’t get necesssary info with your script too.
    I have a login which has a connect grant for an endpoint. I can query this but I can’t develop a create script since there is no info about the endpoint name in sys.server_permissions table.

    I believe there should be a way for this?

    • Thanks 🙂 I’m rather proud of it myself. It should be easy enough to fix the endpoint part I think. It’s going to be similar to what I’ve got in sp_DBPermissions. sys.server_principals.major_id = sys.endpoints.endpoint_id. I’ve never dealt much with endpoints so I didn’t have any easy way to test it. If you’d like to email me a script to create an endpoint or two and add some permissions I’ll get the script working.

      • Bahti Samet Coban says:

        Hi Kenneth,

        Currently I am working on this script. I successfully added Endpoints, then I realized that server principals are also an issue. I also fixed that. Now I am working on a new class added after SQL 2014 I believe: Availability Groups. I will share with you when it is finished.

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