#ArgenisWithoutBorders the Sequel


July 22, 2015 by Kenneth Fisher

Last year Kirsten Benzel(b/t) and Argenis Fernandez(b/t) did this amazing thing. They organized a campaign and raised over $13,000 for Doctors Without Borders. The campaign was called #ArgenisWithoutBorders. The idea was that Argenis would wear this really amusing (and somewhat embarising) unicorn hoodie at the Pass Summit if $5000 was raised. Well it didn’t take long until another other prominent members of the SQL Commuity jumped on the bandwagon.

All kinds of great pictures were taken and I highly recommend spending a few minutes looking through them.

It’s now a year later and they are going to do it all over again!

To provide added incentive I’ve found this old picture of Argenis in a Ted costume.


So follow this link to the current campaign and donate! Donate $5, $10, $20, $200. It doesn’t matter, every little bit helps. And as of me writing this (11pm 7/21/2015) they are already up to ~$1900. So let’s see if we can’t continue to show what an amazing community we are and beat last year!

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