Why my primary test environment is case sensitive.


April 20, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

Me: I think I’m going create a new playground instance.
Myself: Make sure you use a case sensitive (CS) collation when you install it!
I: You mean a collation that forces us to pay attention to the case of the variable names (for example)? So that something like this returns an error?

SET @myvar = 0

Myself: Yep.
I: Why would you want to do that? Sounds like a pain.
Myself: Well yes, it is a bit of a pain. You certainly have to be more careful with your code.
I: This instance is just for practicing and playing around. Why would I want to make my life more difficult than I have to?
Myself: For exactly the reason you just said. Practice.
I: I don’t get it.
Myself: Well you know that any code that works with a CS collation is going to work with a similar case in-sensitive (CI) collation?
I: Well yes, that makes sense.
Myself: So when you practice using CS code you’ll get into the habit of writing CS code.
I: Alright. I’m hearing what you’re saying. You mean that if I get into the habit of CS code then when I work on a CS environment I’ll be prepared right?
Myself: That’s part of it yes. Also any CS code you write will work in a CI environment.
I: Ahh but my office is all CI. That’s the default after all.
Myself: True, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never work in a CS environment right?
I: Hmm, I guess you’re right.
Myself: And you do write code that get’s put on the net for other people to use right?
I: Yes, so?
Myself: Don’t you think at least some of them have to deal with case sensitivity?
I: Uh, yea, you’re probably right. Ok. You win. Install the new instance with a CS collation.
Me: Already did. While the two of you were busy arguing I not only got it installed but picked up lunch. Pizza!
I & Myself: But we wanted burgers!
Me: Tough.

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