Blogger Questions: What should I blog about?


July 25, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

Over the last four years I’ve blogged almost 400 times. It’s become a refuge, a resource, a source of pride, and a pleasure. I started out trying to build an on-line resume (just in case) and over time it’s evolved like crazy. I’ve become a huge proponent of blogging and I try to help others get started wherever I can. I’ve written several posts on the subject.

Blogger questions: How often should I blog?
Blogger questions: What if someone else wrote about the same subject?
I want to blog but …

One of the things I suggest to people who are just getting started is to keep a list of ideas. As you come up with an idea add it to the list. Then when you go to write just check the list. You’ll be amazed at how many ideas you can come up with over time. Honestly as you get started it is likely to be more than you could ever write. At least that’s what happened to me. In fact it got to the point where I started offering on twitter to give people ideas and a few people have in fact taken me up on it. I decided recently that I would just go ahead share the list.

Blogging Ideas

The list is also in the menu. Feel free to grab one and write about it. Or two. Or heck copy the whole list and use it as your own starting point. I’ll be maintaining it over time (it’s my list after all). So check back in periodically and there will be more ideas from time to time. If I use an idea I’ll move it to the bottom of the list and strike through it. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write about it yourself. As I said above it doesn’t really matter if lots of people blog on the same subject. And the reverse is true. If you write about it I’m not going to take it off the list and I may still write about it myself. As always, the more the merrier!

Disclaimer: These are my ideas. I typically put notes if I think I need them later, maybe a link or to if I have them. Unfortunately I can’t promise they make sense to anyone but me.

3 thoughts on “Blogger Questions: What should I blog about?

  1. Lee Everest says:

    Just go down the line of new SQL 2016 features…should keep you busy awhile. I used to blog about stuff I didn’t know anything about to try and learn! Have to be careful doing that though :\

    • lol Yea, no kidding. I tend to blog about stuff I just learned about or something that comes up as a question. The new features will show up in time. I should point out that most of the stuff on the list is stuff I don’t have time to write about because I’m busy writing about other things. Wrote 3 posts on Friday night/Sat that never made it to the list 🙂 Probably should have added a few more to the list at the time. I was feeling somewhat creative.

  2. […] a few blogs about blogging. I’ve talked about blogging problems, and I’ve talked about deciding what to blog about. I even have my own list of blogging ideas posted publicly for others to […]

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