Accidental DBAs, the Developer Edition

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September 6, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

I recently spoke at the OKC SQL Saturday. I had an wonderful time and the organizers, volunteers and other speakers were awesome. There was an amazing amount of learning to be had by all.

My session was called The Accidental DBA, Developer Edition. It is an attempt to start filling in an educational gap I see. Accidental DBAs are common and it can be a rough road. There is a huge amount of help out there if you are moving towards an administrative role. It’s harder to find help if you are a developer working with databases, or becoming a database developer.

Now I know not all of you were able to make it to this particular SQL Saturday but you are in luck! Shawn Weisfeld recorded the session and has put it up on

So here is what I would like from you. It’s not a bad session (if I do say so myself) but it could certain use some work. So if you have a chance to watch it I’d love to hear what you think. Are there bits you feel like I should remove? (There are several I’m thinking about.) On the other hand are there subjects I’ve missed that you think I should add. (And again there are several I’ve already got on my list.)

If it helps here is the OKC SQL Sat link where you can download the PPT and scripts.

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