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September 27, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

It’s funny how easy it is to find information you aren’t looking for. A few weeks back Stephen Bennett (b) linked to my post Comparing Two Query Plans. Since I always find that interesting I followed the link and wound up at his post 3 Reasons to ❤ SSMS 2016. In he mentioned three really cool features of SSMS 2016.

  • New SQL Server PowerShell Objects – I’m by no means an expert in PoSH but I’ve already used one of these while messing with Always Encrypted. Cool stuff.
  • Comparing 2 Query Plans – Obviously this is why he linked to my post. You can read about it there. 🙂
  • Pinned Tabs on Separate Row – And last but not least (middle in his post actually) the reason for this post!

So what do we mean by a pinned tab?

Pinned Tabs1 – The tabs in SSMS now have a Pin. By pinning one or more tabs it breaks the tabs into two groups. The tabbed and the untabbed. The tabs can be moved around like normal but only within their own group. Normally the pinned tabs stay to the left of the unpinned tabs. However, there is a setting that will move the pinned tabs into their own row.

Pinned Tabs2

Now instead of a single row of tabs there are two rows.

Pinned Tabs3

This can be particularly handy when you have a handful of tabs for a specific project and then the rest of the tabs which you are using for regular work. Of course it’s possible that not everyone leaves dozens of tabs open at once. Naa. Everyone does it right?

5 thoughts on “Pinned Tabs

  1. Sam Spritzer says:

    Thank you for the pinned tabs suggestion! Its little things like this that give us the huge productivity gains we always seek!

  2. […] see a number of different options. You can set up new horizontal or vertical tab groups, pin tabs, close tabs etc. But in this particular case take a look at these […]

  3. […] And last but not least, some of these (the What’s going on & Backup scripts) that I use that most often I pin to a separate tab row. […]

  4. […] while back (6 years ago 😲) I talked about how you can change the behavior of SSMS so that the pinned tabs have their own row across the top of the screen. In fact, if you have a bunch of pinned tabs then they will wrap so they are all always visible. […]

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