SQL Connectivity issues: A guided walk through

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February 6, 2017 by Kenneth Fisher

The SQL Tiger Team (t) has recently put out a guided walkthrough for SQL Connectivity issues.

Walk Through

If you look at the bottom of the announcement you’ll also notice links to walkthroughs for

Troubleshooting Always On Issues
Troubleshooting connectivity issues with Microsoft Azure SQL Database

I’m loving this since I see a lot of connectivity issues. To start with you are asked to gather some prerequisite information. Including

  • The exact error
  • The SQL Error logs
  • Application and System log information
  • If it exists the application connection string

Honestly by the time you’ve collected all of that information you’re probably already going to have solved the problem. But just in case you haven’t, you move on to the checklist. The checklist is some basic troubleshooting steps. Make sure the instance is actually up and running for instance.

Now if you’ve made it through the prereqs and the checklist and you still have a problem you get to the guided walkthrough. I flipped through a few options and it seemed pretty good. Good explanations with lots of images where needed. I’m quite looking forward to trying it out for real.

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