Hugo’s SQL Server Execution Plan Reference


March 18, 2019 by Kenneth Fisher

I’m a big fan of T-SQL Tuesday. Each month there is a host who comes up with a topic, and then anyone who is interested posts on it. February 2019 the host was Andy Leonard (b/t) and the subject was Why do you do what you do?. (Follow the link for the roundup.) One of the many posts was by Hugo Kornelis (b/t) who wrote T-SQL Tuesday #111: Why, tell me why and discussed why he publishes and maintains a library for execution plans. It’s a good read and I recommend you take the time. However, that’s not the point of this post.

Hugo has a library of Execution Plan elements!

In it he describes the available operators, what properties (common/operator and plan) are available in the XML and some information about plans in general.

I’ve added this to my Study and Reference Materials page if you need the link to it later.

One thought on “Hugo’s SQL Server Execution Plan Reference

  1. […] book started with what for me was a fair amount of review material. How to get execution plans, what’s in them, STATISTICS TIME and IO, trace vs profiler, etc. I have to tell you I loved it. Reviewing the […]

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