I’m moving my permissions scripts to GitHub


May 30, 2019 by Kenneth Fisher

I’ve written very few things that I’m more proud of than my permissions scripts, sp_SrvPermissions and sp_DBPermissions. These scripts are meant to make it easier to search through the SQL Server security information and to provide scripts to add or remove the existing permissions. Up until now, I’ve stored them on their own pages on my site under the Free Scripts dropdown menu. I’ve finally decided to make the leap and I’ve moved their source location to GitHub.


The pages are still there and instead of the code existing in the page there is Gist link and the code is displayed from there. I’m hoping this will make it easier for me to display the code and for y’all to download it. At the bottom of the script, there is a button that will open the Gist file and make it really easy to get. I’ve also put the GitHub link in each of the scripts so you can just follow that if you’d like.

Over the years I’ve had a number of people make suggestions for fixes or additions. Feel free to add issues (if I don’t have the permissions right for that I’ll work on it) and I’ll work on them over time. I’m hoping this will make life a lot easier for all of us.

Over time I’ll probably be adding more of my scripts so feel free to keep a look out.

2 thoughts on “I’m moving my permissions scripts to GitHub

  1. Hi, Kenneth. Add one pull request and issue to you repo! Welcome to github community.

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