SQL Homework – May 2020 – Forum Lurking.

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May 4, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

A few months ago I suggested writing blog post(s) as a great way to learn and document your progress (among other things). This month I want you to do something along the same lines. Spend some time on the forum(s) of your choice. If you want suggestions my favorites are https://dba.stackexchange.com and https://sqlservercentral.com. Both are database centric so that probably isn’t overly surprising. Pick one or more that you like from these or any other forum that matches your skill set (or the one you want to have).

Now, every week I want you to answer at least two questions. The goal here isn’t to post your answer, it’s just to answer it. So it doesn’t matter if it has already been answered by someone else or not. It’s irrelevant for these purposes. I mean, yea, if you can help someone out that’s fantastic, but if you don’t see a new post go ahead and answer an old one. Also, don’t always answer things that are easy for you. Push a bit :). I expect that occasionally (or frequently) you will have to do some research in order to answer a question.

Not all forum questions can be answered with the information supplied. So if it’s not something that can be answered, then what information would you need to give a good answer? How should the user get that information?

Once you have your answer (or questions) documented (or posted), read any answers that have already been supplied by other people. See if you can learn anything new or if you can see where they might have gone wrong.

Most questions that get posted on forums are common problems we all have, and even the uncommon problems are ones you will probably run into eventually. Answering them ahead of time gives you an edge when they inevitably show up for you.

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