TSQL Tuesday #127 Invite – Non SQL Tips and tricks


June 2, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

T-SQL TuesdayHow about for this months TSQL Tuesday let’s do another month of tips and tricks. But just to be a bit different, nothing to do with SQL Server (in fact let’s say nothing related to a DBMS). No SSMS tricks, no T-SQL tips, something completely unrelated. For example did you know that, in Windows, if you grab a window and shake it then all of the other windows will be minimized? And then if you shake it again they all pop back up.

So give me a non SQL related tip or trick. OS (windows, mac), Cloud (Azure, AWS), etc. Something you think will be handy for the rest of us.

What is T-SQL Tuesday

T-SQL Tuesday is a blog party started by Adam Machanic (b/t) over a decade ago and now maintained by Steve Jones (blog|twitter) on tsqltuesday.com. The first Tuesday of each month a blogger hosts the party and suggests a topic. Then anyone who is interested blogs on that topic. It can be a lot of fun and quite a challenge to blog on a topic you didn’t pick. Not to mention the time limit. I didn’t mention the time limit? Oh, well, you have one week to write your blog and then it has to be posted on the second Tuesday of the month.

How to join the party
  • Your post must be published on Tuesday June 09, 2020. Don’t be late!
  • Your post must contain the T-SQL Tuesday logo (see above) and the image must link back to this blog post. Otherwise, how will we know it’s a T-SQL Tuesday post?
  • Trackbacks should work, but if not please put a link to your post in the comments section so everyone can see your contribution!
  • If you are on twitter include the hash tag #tsql2sday (I always forget) to show off your post loud and proud.
How do I host?

If you want to host just contact Steve Jones (blog|twitter) and ask for a spot. I believe there is a requirement that you have to have participated in T-SQL Tuesday at least a few times, but hey that’s only reasonable right?

38 thoughts on “TSQL Tuesday #127 Invite – Non SQL Tips and tricks

  1. Glenn Berry says:

    Thanks for hosting this month! Writing the recap post is a big task to take on.

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  8. Thanks for hosting! Here’s my non-SQL server contribution: https://richardswinbank.net/blog/the_underappreciated_start_run.

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  11. Andy Levy says:

    Thanks for hosting this month, Kenneth! Here’s mine: https://flxsql.com/t-sql-tuesday-127-non-sql-tips-tricks/

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  13. kchant1975 says:

    Here’s my T-SQL Tuesday contribution for this month, thanks for hosting https://www.kevinrchant.com/2020/06/09/t-sql-tuesday-127-create-your-own-azure-devops-organization/

  14. […] month’s (#127) T-SQL Tuesday is brought by Kenneth Fisher (B | T) and he asked about Non SQL Tips and […]

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  16. Hugo Kornelis says:

    I don’t see a pingback yet, so I’ll just leave a manual link to my contribution:

    (and cue the apparition of a pingback in 3, 2, …)

  17. Glenn Berry says:

    Thanks again for hosting! My post “T-SQL Tuesday #127 – Non SQL Tips” is here: https://bit.ly/2MLGara

  18. […] T-SQL Tuesday time! This month we have Kenneth Fisher ( blog | twitter ) as the host and he’s asking us for our non-SQL related tips and tricks. […]

  19. Thanks for hosting this month! I’ve put a quick post together here: https://nocolumnname.blog/2020/06/09/t-sql-tuesday-127-non-sql-tips-and-tricks/

    Cheers again!

  20. […] Kenneth Fisher has challenged us to an interesting topic for this month’s T-SQL Tuesday: TSQL Tuesday #127 Invite – Non SQL Tips and tricks […]

  21. Thanks again for hosting Kevin! Great topic. https://wp.me/p1n3H4-8k

  22. aaronbertrand says:

    I don’t see a pingback for my post either… maybe WordPress knows I didn’t really follow the rules.

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