SQL Homework – August 2020 – Write a SELECT statement.

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August 13, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

Well, I’m running a bit late. Both for this month and the fact I completely missed last month. It was unavoidable but I’m back and since it’s a bit late in the month (I generally try to post homework at the beginning of the month) let’s do something easy.

Write a select statement

Things you could include so you don’t decide this is too easy to bother with.

  • More than one table
    • INNER join
    • OUTER join
    • CROSS join
  • CTE
  • Subselect(s)

I could go on but I want this to be fairly easy (but not too easy). I mean if you want to push yourself make it so the output is XML or JSON. Maybe throw in a GROUPING SET.

Also, please watch out for formatting and best practices. For example adding semicolons at the end of the command and not using SELECT *. Let’s pretend that whatever query you write is going to be looked at by a potential employer or the community at large.

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