SQL Homework – November 2020 – Help!

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November 3, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

If you ask any senior IT person What is the most important tool you have? there is a decent chance that they’ll tell you something along the lines of GoogleBing, or Books on Line. This month I’d like you to spend some time looking at one of the help pages provided by Microsoft. Specifically take a look at the help page(s) for SELECT. I haven’t done this in a while but here are the tasks and how many points they are worth. Yes, you can get more than 100 points. You can use the extra to help on a previous grade.

  • Review the Syntax section.
    • Notice that there are two different areas and what they are for. (5pts)
    • Some clauses are required, some aren’t. How do you tell? (5pts)
    • Some clauses can be repeated multiple times. How do you tell? (5pts)
    • What does <table_source> mean and where can you go to get details on it? (10 pts)
    • What does it mean when you see ::=? (5 pts)
  • Follow links in the Remarks section. For example the FROM clause. (5pts each.) (No more than 20pts for this section.)
  • Skip to the Examples section without looking at the Permissions section. (5 points)
    • Review each example (5 pts each) (Can be done on the pages from following the Remarks links.) (No more than 20pts for this section.)
  • Look at the See Also section. Follow some of the links. (10 pts)
  • Go to the Select Clause page and look at the Arguments section. (15 pts)
  • Read the Remarks section of the Select Clause page. (10 pts)

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