SQL Homework – May 2021 – Extended Events.


May 4, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

You’ve probably heard about extended events right?

I honestly don’t care if you are #teamProfiler or #teamXE you need to know how to use extended events. Eventually profiler will go away, and even if it doesn’t your next job may require extended events. So let’s get ahead of the game and practice a bit.

  • Create an extended events session using the wizard. In fact go ahead and make it using one of the templates. (5 pts)
  • Do some exploring while you are there and see what useful changes you might make. (10 pts)
  • Select Watch live data and play with the viewer. (5 pts)
  • Now watch this video by Grant Fritchey (blog|twitter) and do it again. (10 pts)
  • Stop your session and start it up again. Use both the GUI and T-SQL. (5 pts)
  • Create a new session using the GUI but without using the wizard. (25 pts)
  • Create a new session using T-SQL. (25 pts)
  • Edit your sessions. While you are at it make sure there is a file target. (10 pts)
  • Read from your file target. (5 pts)
  • Bonus: Create a SQL Audit (10 pts)
  • Bonus: Figure out why I would ask you to create a SQL Audit in an extended events practice post. I’m planning on next month being about SQL Audits so you’ll find out then if you haven’t figured it out on your own.

2 thoughts on “SQL Homework – May 2021 – Extended Events.

  1. ScaryDBA says:


  2. […] Last month I had you work on Extended Events, so hopefully now you are a bit more comfortable with them. This month give a SQL Audit a try. If you already did during last month’s homework it won’t hurt you to try it again. […]

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