SQL Homework – October 2022 – Replication part 2

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October 4, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

In August we started taking a look at replication. We learned some of the terms used, and set up a (probably) pretty basic example of replication. Now it’s time to work with it a bit more.

  • Open the Replication Monitor.
    • Right click on different entries. See what options you have.
    • Left click on them and see what shows up.
    • Insert a tracer. What does the tracer do? What does the output mean?
    • Configure an alert. There are a fair number of options here but hopefully you’ve created an alert before so this should be pretty familiar.
    • If you have the option connect to a listener for an instance that has replication and open the replication monitor. What was different?
  • Go to the subscriber of an publication. Insert a row into one of the replicated tables. To make this easier make sure that table has a primary key. Then go back to the publisher and insert the same row into the same table. Give it a few minutes and check the replication monitor again. You should see that this is a particularly bad idea. How do you fix it? How do you prevent it?
  • Add a new table to the subscriber database. Insert some data into that table. Did that cause a problem with replication? What are some reasons you might do this? What are some reasons why you shouldn’t? How do you avoid problems?
  • Modify a replicated stored procedure. Modify a replicated table. Add a column, or change a column’s datatype. Take a look at the subscriber. Did the changes make it there? How about if you add an index?
  • Add a second subscriber to a publication. Insert some rows into a replicated table (to be clear add it on the publisher). Take a look at both subscribers. Did the data make it? Why might you want multiple subscribers?

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