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  1. What’s next 4th time


    September 8, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

    It’s now been about two and a half months since I was given notice and decided to blog about my …
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  2. What’s next III


    August 4, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

    In case you didn’t know I was given notice about a month and a half ago. Since I’ve talked about …
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  3. What’s next? Pt 2


    June 30, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

    Well, it’s only been about a week and a half but here’s an update. First a piece of advice. You …
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  4. What’s next?


    June 21, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

    As I’m sure a fair number of you already know I was told my position had been eliminated. They are …
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  5. Finding a job!


    August 27, 2014 by Kenneth Fisher

    I’ve been told over the years that I’m pretty good at finding jobs. I mean in the last 25 years …
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