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July 31, 2017 by Kenneth Fisher

I’ve always thought it would be fun to have a DBA themed magic 8-ball. Now you may not be aware of this but the inside of a magic 8-ball is actually a 20 sided die. So since a custom magic 8-ball is more than this cheap geek is willing to pay, how about a 20 sided die with DBA stuff on it? I found a site with paper templates for different size dice. Then I stripped the numbers and colors off of his (Bruno Van de Casteele) templates (with permission) and added some fun stuff (IMHO) to them. Below are the pages with links for the different dice patterns.

Fair warning, it turns out that, unlike riding a bike, scissors and glue are skills that you can and do lose over time. If you can find yourself a 6-10yo to do the work for you, your life will be far easier.

DBA Dice

These are the dice I set up with the DBA themed stuff. Hopefully, they will be fun :). I did have a couple of people suggest I come up with a game to go with them but I haven’t managed that yet. I’ll come up with something, eventually.

D20 – DBA Magic 8-Ball
D12 – It’s time for a break. What sounds good?
D10 – System databases
D8 – What to answer when asked a question (in multiple languages).
D6 – Where to start with query tuning.
D4 – High Availability

Blank dice

Since I already had them I thought it would be fun to post these in case someone wants to print out a blank, write their own stuff on it, and then cut, fold and glue.

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