SQL Bits 2019: The Great Data Heist

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January 14, 2019 by Kenneth Fisher

SQL Bits is almost here! It’s February 27th to March 2nd. SQL Bits is one of the most popular SQL conferences out there and you still have time to make it! (Although not much, that’s only about a month and a half).

As much as I love PASS and PASS Summit, I have to admit, if I could pick any conference to go to it would be SQL Bits. (I should probably point out I’ve never been.) Of the many people I’ve talked to about it I’ve never heard anything bad (and again, as much as I love PASS Summit, and recommend it, I do hear about things I’d rather didn’t happen). Not only does it have some amazing sessions (> 70 this year) but each event has a themed party. This is considered one of the highlights of the conference (although again, the sessions are awesome). Last year it was magic, the year before disco and this year, of course, it’s The Great Data Heist!

When it comes down to it SQL Bits does a great job of combining fun and learning (which if you’ve ever read my blog you’ll probably realize is one of my favorite things) and I really can’t recommend it enough. And just to give you an idea how important the learning is to the SQL Bits people they offer recorded versions of the sessions for free.

SQL Bits Recordings

I’m also going to make a point of including a link to their code of conduct. If you are going please make sure you follow it, respect all of your fellow attendees, speakers, and volunteers regardless of race, religion or gender. I really enjoy hearing about SQL Bits and hearing only positive things.

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