7th Anniversary


August 20, 2019 by Kenneth Fisher

7 years ago today I posted my very first blog post and I’ll tell you it’s been a heck of a ride.

  • 705 posts (including this one). For those playing at home that’s ~100 a year or just shy of averaging 2 a week.
  • I should hit the 2,000,000 view mark this week. <- Personally I think that has more to do with you than me.
  • 3 years as a Microsoft MVP.
  • 20 puzzles, a board game, a children’s book and a set of printable dice.
  • Most views in a single day: 3623 (Almost 3 years ago. What’s up with that?)
  • Spoken about a dozen times including multiple SQL Saturdays and about to speak for my second time at summit.
  • Met a lot of really interesting and intelligent people.
  • Made some awesome friends.

So, here’s to another 7 years!

6 thoughts on “7th Anniversary

  1. Michael Tormos says:

    Congrats!! I know I’ve appreciated your sql knowledge for a while now.

  2. k3baz says:

    Congrats Ken!

  3. eslsql says:

    You’R always so relevant , go for next 7 years
    And i apreciate your knowledge and your fabulous SP

  4. Konstantin Taranov says:


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