SQL Homework – March 2020 – Database Configurations.

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March 2, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

A little while back we tried configuring the instance. Sometimes though, instance settings are a bit heavy handed, so this time round let’s try working with database scoped configurations.

  • Start by figuring out how to set a database scoped configuration. Assuming you don’t already know of course.
  • Review what the various options are. Go into detail on at least 5.
  • Try a few out. Again at least 5.
  • Take the database configurations you reviewed and see if you can match them up with server level configurations that do the same thing.
  • See if you can be even more granular with the effects you are getting.

So for example once you’ve figured out the general command, take a look at MAXDOP. This is something you can set an instance level, database level and even at a query level.

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