SQL Homework – June 2022 – SQL Agent Jobs continued.


June 2, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

A few years ago I gave you homework to create a SQL Agent Job and play with it a little bit. This month I want you to either take that job (or another) and work with it a bit more. We are also going to play with a few other parts of the SQL Agent.

  • What is the SQL Agent running under? (5 pts)
  • Do some reading on why we care. (5 pts)
  • How far back does your job history go? For this job and/or all of your jobs combined? (5 pts)
  • Extend that history out some. (5 pts)
  • Open the Job Activity Monitor and look at what it shows you. (5 pts)
    • Right click on a job and view the history or open the properties. (5 pts)
  • Create a proxy. (20 pts)
  • Make at least one step in your job run off of the above proxy. (10 pts)
  • Look all of the proxies that can run a CmdExec job step. (5 pts)
  • Create an Operator. (5 pts)
  • Create 2 different types of Alerts.
    • One should notify the Operator you just created. (5 pts)
    • The other should start your job. (5 pts)
    • Test the alerts to make sure they work. (10 pts)
  • Go back to the Operator and make sure they are going to be emailed (or paged) for at least one of your alerts. (5 pts)
  • Open the SQL Server Agent log. Skim through at least some of the data. (5 pts)

2 thoughts on “SQL Homework – June 2022 – SQL Agent Jobs continued.

  1. I would like to submit, for your readers’ easy access, our article on security (and specifically, section “4. MSDB rights are tricksy”): https://www.minionware.net/secure-cmdshell/

    That’s not cheating, is it? More like a “further reading” section on the homework…

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