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  1. #PowershellBasics: Warnings and how to hide them.


    December 8, 2022 by Kenneth Fisher

    One of my favorite parts of having a new job is that I learn a ton. (No really, my brain …
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  2. A quick and dirty scan of a list of instances using a dynamic linked server.


    November 12, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    Note: This is not exactly a dyanmic linked server. It just gets dropped and recreated in a loop. I recently …
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  3. How do I test if a linked server works using T-SQL?


    October 27, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    I get that linked servers are almost as despised as the dreaded cursor or (lord save us) NOLOCK, but they …
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  4. Error handling protip: @@Error resets after the next command

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    March 30, 2020 by Kenneth Fisher

    The system variable @@ERROR is a quick and easy way to retrieve the error number from the last statement run …
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  5. Custom error messages


    July 24, 2019 by Kenneth Fisher

    I’m sure lots of you have used the function RAISERROR to handle an error caused by your code. The problem …
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