Emojis in SQL Server


September 15, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

I blame Aaron Bertrand (b/t) and Kevin Kline (b/t). Aaron who posted a great #BackToBasics blog about naming stored procedures and Kevin who tweeted about it.

It’s not my fault. I had to be sarcastic. I had to mention the correct naming standard for stored procedures.


It’s certainly not my fault I made a flip comment about emoji’s in SQL Server. It’s entirly Aaron’s for showing me it could be done. But now I just have to use them.

Introducing my new comment block.


I copied and pasted the emoji’s from here. Oh, and here is my new test database.



You can see how it’s all Aaron and Kevin’s fault right?
Ok, this seemed like an important quick addition to this post:



8 thoughts on “Emojis in SQL Server

  1. thomasrushton says:

    Go on, what does sp_MSforeachDB make of that?

  2. Daivd says:

    You are one sick person.

    I can’t wait to mess with the developers. 🙂

  3. Chris Wood says:

    As this was SQL Sentry (Aaron) I would like to see what Plan Explorer would make of the execution plans.

  4. Honestly, from a testing POV, this convention should be adopted by the companies that make tools. If your tool doesn’t choke on those names, then it won’t choke on “lest robust” ones

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