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  1. DDL Trigger to log database level security commands.


    June 24, 2021 by Kenneth Fisher

    In my last post I talked about reasons why your permissions might go missing. One of the reasons, and in …
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  2. Performance is bad. Did you change anything recently? No. Are you sure?


    July 26, 2017 by Kenneth Fisher

    Ever have this conversation? Dev: Hey, can you help me? The performance on my application is terrible all of a …
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  3. It greatly pleases me to announce, HAL0003!


    November 23, 2016 by Kenneth Fisher

    I while back as part of a T-SQL Tuesday post I created HAL0001, then later HAL0002 with a long-term goal …
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  4. Can we get a license for DDL Triggers?


    December 14, 2015 by Kenneth Fisher

    There are several types of triggers. Logon triggers – Fired when someone tries to connect to the instance. DML triggers …
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  5. Tales of a DBA fed up with NOLOCK. Part 1


    February 16, 2015 by Kenneth Fisher

    Nov 12, 2014 Dear Diary, They asked for help again. Every now and again everything slows down and they see …
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